Have you ever wondered about where animals live?

Lesson Plan: Animals and Their Habitats Age Range: 5-6 year olds Learning Goals:1) Identify different animals and habitats.2) Understand the concept of adaptation and how animals survive in their habitats.3) Develop vocabulary related to animals and their habitats.4) Enhance observation and critical thinking skills.5) Foster an appreciation for the diversity of animal life. Materials Needed:1) […]

Animals and their habitats Lesson Plan

Topic: Animals and their habitatsAge Group: 3-4 years oldTheme: Exploring the Animal Kingdom Learning Goals: Lesson Plan Outline: I. Introduction II. Exploring Animal Habitats III. Hands-on Activity: Animal Habitat Sorting IV. Story Time: Animal Adventures V. Reflective Discussion VI. Engaging Extension Activity: Animal Habitat Diorama VII. Assessment Questions for the Educator VIII. Recommended Resources IX. […]